21.10.2022: the effect of Auroville on me

As the last post about work was more than long enough I decided to write a new one about how I am and what’s happening with me in Auroville. As some of you might know I’ve been dreaming about studying medicine and becoming a Doctor since many years. Even though I was working hard to enter Med University I always had my concerns and fears about working as a doctor in the European health system. I always wanted to study medicine, also to work as a doctor, being able to help people in the way doctors do is the best imagination for me. On the other hand being stuck in our healthsystem, working for hours and hours in a hospital without having time to really take care of the patients really scared me. this is why i also always had worries about studying medicine and becoming a doctor. While being in Auroville I realized that if I become a doctor I really don’t need to work in the western health system, I could go where ever I want to practice medicine, I could work all over the world, fight real problems in third world countries (I know that this is politically incorrect, but in my opinion it is still real and will probably stay real for many many years) and when I’m done with working my Ass of I could just come back to Auroville, work as a doctor in one of the Local medical facilities and raise my kids in Auroville. In a better system, in a better world than in Germany. Surrounded by people with the same ideas of how life should be, about how to live in a community, in a system that’s not focussed on success and money. Simply in a System that’s not part of our capitalistic world. Or at least less part of that system than any other place. This is not a plan about how I want to spend my life, this is not written in stone and I’m only writing this because I want you to understand my next point. What effects Auroville has on me on the example of my dream of studying medicine. As I said I’ve always been concerned about studying medicine and working as a doctor. Those fears are gone. Completely. Now I sometimes kinda wish to skip this year, to study medicine right away. Maybe even Skip the time of studying to the time I will be a doctor and I’ll be able to help and do goods to people all over the world and when I’m done with that settle somewhere and enjoy my life :D. What I’m trying to say is not that I want to skip my time in Auroville or the time at university, I mean I enjoy my life here quite a lot (:D) but all those worries and fears are just gone. I’m not worried about studying medicine any longer its the opposite, now I’m just looking forward to follow that dream to study the human body. Auroville took those fears away from me. In only 7 Weeks.

Okey so that’s it about the effect of Auroville. now I wanna tell u more about my life here in general.

All in all I feel really good. One of the things I appreciate most about Auroville is its huge range of sports. What ever sport you want to do you can find it in AV. And the chances are actually very high that its free. There are for example three big Areas for sports: Dehashakti, Certitude and New Creation. All of them have basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts and you can just use them for free. Also when ever you go there you’ll probably find people playing whom you can ask to join and there you go. All of that leads to people being active, spending time outside, doing sports. For me that’s just beautiful. Because of that I actually can feel my strength coming back, I feel connected to my body again, I can feel every muscle and every move again. Its just beautiful 😀 also Surfing… Oh I love surfing, me and jasper usually go 2-3 times a week, the last week I sadly could not go because I got a new tattoo but yeah I won’t complain as I’m really happy about the tattoo 🙂

Also I started DJing again which is really nice and I actually played in front of people last weekend which was quite fun 😀 I think this is enough for now.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this Blog, even if it’s just a spelling mistake in one of the posts: let me know!

Here some pictures of the last Weeks

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