1.11.22 a wonderful Daytrip

hey guys 🙂

this is not gonna be a regular blog post, its gonna be a short review of a place called Alamparai Fort, I visited last week to get out of Auroville for a few hours and of course the desire of seeing more of India is huge and getting more hungry with the time flying by in Auroville.

So yeah a few weeks ago a friend told me about that place and showed me a few pictures and i knew that I wanna visit it 🙂 so last Tuesday I gathered a few people to leave Auroville for a few hours. After about an hour long bike next to the coastline with already beautiful views we reached that Place called Alamparai Fort which is located about 50 km north of Auroville. The first thing you notice when you arrive there is the atmosphere which surrounds the Ruines of an 300 year old village built right next to the coastline. The only thing left of the village are the old, cracky walls one shielding the village. Still staying high and massive in their positions. On the other side of the Wall there is the ocean, but not immediately in between of the open sea and the village there is a huge salt water pool separated from the ocean by a few Sand banks.

When we arrived we first of all climbed the walls which was really fun, sometimes scary when one of the bricks came of and you were hanging on one hand and a foot 😀 After that we crossed the at some points really not deep pools to the sandbank to take a swim in the ocean, relax and enjoy the view. the feeling of running over that huge except of a view birds and crayfish empty sandbank was pure freedom 😀
So if you ever visit Auroville, go and see that place!

Enjoy the Fotos

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